I have out-of-town friends and family or groomsmen who need tuxes -- do they have to come to your store to be fitted?
No, they can be measured at any tuxedo shop in their area and we accept measurements sent from those stores.

Who should wear tuxedos in the wedding?
It is customary for the groom and his groomsmen to wear tuxedos that match the formality of the bride's dress. When the fathers and grandfathers are part of the ceremony, they tend to wear attire that matches the rest of the party. Ring bearers are always a crowd pleaser when wearing a child-size tuxedo or suit. Ushers will also wear formal attire.

Should everyone wear the same tuxedos and accessories?
Just as the bride stands apart from her bridesmaids, the groom often chooses to wear a coat or accessories that differ slightly from the groomsmen. For instance, the groom may wear a traditional coat with neutral accessory colors while the groomsmen's accessories might match the bridesmaids or the theme color(s) of the wedding.

When should I come in to get fitted for a tux?
For weddings? No later than 2 months before the date, preferably. 

What if my prom is tomorrow?
We do have in-stock inventory for same-day service. Same-day service is available at no extra charge, however, selection may be limited. 

How much are your tuxedos?
For rentals, we have no hidden fees and have tuxedos to suit every taste and every budget.

Can I buy a tuxedo from you?
Yes, in fact you can buy one used, or we can special order one just for you. Come in and browse our showroom.

What time do y'all close?
Our store hours are Monday through Friday, 11 am to 6 pm; Saturdays, 10 am to 5 pm; Sundays and evenings by appointment.

Do you have extended hours during prom season?
Yes, call the store for details: 901-867-1977

Can I get a vest to match my girlfriend's dress color?
Of course, just bring in the dress or a color swatch from the dress, and we'll do the rest. Note: Digital photos of the dress are not recommended for use in creating the perfect color match. 

When can I pick up my tuxedo?
Tuxedos are typically ready for pick up two days before the event.  We highly recommend trying on the tuxedo before leaving the store so that any final adjustments can be made.